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Counselling is not about giving advice, rather about enabling you to explore your thoughts and feelings about an issue that is concerning you and giving you an opportunity to explore what you can do to move forward. 

I offer a safe, comfortable, relaxing and confidential space for general counselling, including Bereavement and Grief - Anticipated, Sudden, and Traumatic deaths,Complicated grief,  Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Trauma, Stress, relationships, family conflict, confidence, self worth, Work related stress etc.






Do you feel stuck, frustrated, insecure, or alone in your relationship? Do you crave feeling unconditionally loved and fully understood by your partner? Do you want deeper intimacy, more passion, and a relationship that meets your - heart, mind, body, and spirit? 

There's a key to long-lasting, deepening connection that all amazing relationships share: That key is EMOTIONAL SAFETY. And when there are cracks in the safety, that's when all sorts of problems begin to creep inundermining your relationship, and maybe even your sense of self. That's because a lack of safety pushes us into a state of fight/flight/freeze - so that your entire system is more focused on survival than on the play, creativity, vulnerability, and courage required to take your relationship to new heights working together as a team.

I offer a safe, comfortable, welcoming and relaxed space to explore and arrive at renewed understanding and connection, practical solutions and confidence for your relationship.



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